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Personal Information


Whilst creating your account and purchasing products on www.tia-aï (hereafter known as The Website), tia-aïna collects your personal information. The responsible entity for this data collection is KARINA INTERNATIONA LTD, a foreign company non-registered with the Trade and Companies Register, located on 19 bis Cours du 14 juillet, 78300 Poissy (hereafter referred to as tia-aïna).

The term “personal information” refers to all data which permits the identification of a person, which here corresponds to your name, last name, telephone number, date of birth, email address, postal address, as well as any other information that you choose to give tia-aïna about yourself.


To fight against fraud, tia-aïna has put into place a system which uses exclusion lists. This can lead to the following:

(1) In order to effect our secure transaction process, tia-aïna  may ask you for a few justificatory reasons once payment is effected.

This may occur in the case of an automatic alert being triggered by information relating to your order.

(2) Block your command if your client account has already been used to commit fraud.


tia-aïna does not give out its clients’ personal information to third parties for commercial use. Only our company and the exterior companies under contract to us for your order have access to the information you give us. The groups of people working for tia-aïna who will have access to your personal information are (within the limits of their respective powers): commercial services, administrative services, technical services, and services responsible for control (auditors, services responsible for internal control procedures, etc…).

Public entities may also receive your data, exclusively in order to respond to legal obligations, judicial officers, ministry officers and the bodies responsible for debt collection.


The data we collect are stored for a period of five years, beginning with the latest transaction you have effected on The Website or with the latest update of your client account. The truncated numbers of your credit cards and their expiration dates, however, are exceptions to this policy: they are stored for only six months, in order to fight against fraud. In the absence of a new transaction or account update in five years, your personal information will automatically be erased.


tia-aïna may use cookies. Cookies do not permit personal identification, but are used in a general manner to collect information during your time on our website. They enable us to know which parts of our website are of interest to you. tia-aïna will therefore better know your needs, and will be able to communicate information suited for these purposes. These cookies will prevent you from having to continuously input information that you have previously entered at a previous date.  It is possible for you to detect these cookies and, if appropriate, delete them. You can also block cookies by disabling this feature in your browser preferences.


The use of all documents from the tia-aïna website is authorized only for information purposes pertaining to private use. All usage that is made to serve other purposes is forbidden. tia-aïna  strives to ensure the overall accuracy and updates of the information displayed on The Website, which it can also modify at any time and without prior notice or warning. The website visitor is also notified that it is his or her responsibility to verify the information by other means, including by contacting the company. Therefore, tia- aïna accepts no responsibility for the following: for all inaccuracy, imprecision or omission for information available on The Website; for any damages resulting in a fraudulent intrusion from a third party, leading to a modification of information on The Website; and, more generally, for any damages, direct or indirect, whatever be the cause, origin, nature or consequence, caused by the access of inability to access The Website, as well as the usage of The Website and/or credit given to some information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

Furthermore, unless stated otherwise, the intellectual property rights of the documents and information contained on The Website and in each of The Website’s elements belong exclusively to tia-aïna and/or its suppliers/providers, since the company and its suppliers/providers grant no license or rights apart from the right to access the site. The reproduction of all documents published on The Website is only authorized for information purposes only and for private use. All reproduction and use of information for other means is forbidden. All the brands cited on The Website belong to their respective companies. All the products, logos, and images found or cited on the pages of The Website are the property of their respective brands. The photos illustrating the products of The Website are not contractually binding.

Technical Information

The current website is accessible 24/7, except in cases of force majeure, IT difficulties and issues, problems linked to the network and its structure, or technical difficulties. Maintenance may interrupt The Website’s functioning at any moment.

Application of French Law

Failure to comply with these provisions exposes the infringing party to legal proceedings and criminal sanctions. This document shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of France, and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the French courts. If any provision of this text proved null, void and without legal effect, all other provisions remain applicable.


When you choose to communicate your personal data on the website, you express your consent for it to be collected and used in compliance with the stipulations of the current charter and legislation.


In accordance with the provisions of the “Data Processing and Freedoms” law of 6 January 1978 (law n° 78-17), the participants shall enjoy the right to access, correct, question and if necessary oppose themselves to their own personal information. This can be exercised as follows:

By electronic mail (email):, or

By postal mail: KARINA INTERNATIONAL LTD - AFC - 19 bis Cours du 14 juillet, 78300 Poissy.


This website has been declared to the French Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties (CNIL). The declaration number of the website, www.tia-aï, is 1772831.